Benefits of Pumpkin + DIY Facial Masque

October 29, 2015



Tis the season for pumpkins! From pumpkin flavored beer, tea, coffee and more, every time you look around you see pumpkin ________ (you fill in the blank). If you are a pumpkin lover like me, you love this time of year… but if you aren’t, then all of this pumpkin hoopla is probably a bit obnoxious. But did you know that pumpkin is EXTREMELY healthy for you? It’s true from helping get your digestive system in order, to fighting off illness, incorporating a little good-ole-pumpkin into your diet does wonders.

Now, before you get all giddy- please don’t take this as you can go down an entire pumpkin pie (I have done this before) or any other pumpkin dessert, everything in moderation beauties! But by throwing pumpkin seeds on your salad or adding pumpkin puree to your soups, hummus or even replacing oil with pumpkin puree in your baked goods, you are really doing something good for your body. The flavor is hardly noticeable, I promise, for those that aren’t on the pumpkin bandwagon.

Why pumpkin?

Besides the fact that pumpkins are seasonally appropriate, they’re also great for your skin. Pumpkins are rich in Vitamins A and C and various enzymes that help nourish and brighten skin. Pumpkins also contain acne fighting vitamins E and T, more commonly known as torulitine. Who knew, right? Other benefits are:

  • Pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses
  • Great for weight loss and management
  • High in B Complex Vitamins
  • High in fiber
  • Boosts mood and can help with insomnia

Did you know that pumpkin can also give you glowing skin by using it topically? It’s true, if you want flawless Beyoncé looking skin, you must try this DIY Pumpkin Facial Masque  – just try not to eat it! (guilty)


What you’ll need:

Pureed, cooked fresh or canned pumpkin  (I chose canned, organic to save time)

Agave Nectar

Olive oil

Soy or Almond milk


Get beautified:

  1. Start by mixing 2 cups of pureed, cooked fresh or canned pumpkin.
  2. Add 4 tablespoons agave nectar, 1/3 cup ground almonds, 1/4 teaspoon olive oil, 1/4 tsp of soy or almond milk
  3. Mix and apply to clean, moist skin.
  4. The enzymes are more active when moist, so sit in a warm tub or shower for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Remove with a clean washcloth.
  6. Apply moisturizer and enjoy soft clean skin!
  7. Cover the rest of the mixture and use within a week.


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Over the next couple of months I will be using pumpkin a lot in the kitchen and can’t wait to share with you beauties what I come up with! But in the meantime, comment below and tell me what your favorite pumpkin recipes are or how you incorporate pumpkin into your life!


Sun Love & Cheers,




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