September 2018 Horoscopes

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This month is a time to find yourself by looking at things from new, hopefully more informed points of view. Do the work of knowing yourself and you will find yourself stepping into freedom instead of running from your problems. Self-care isn’t meant to be a detour from your path; it’s an integral part of it.


You don’t need to prove yourself or to beat anyone, Aries. As motivating as competition is, “winning” can be a distraction from what you really need to do. It’s time for collaboration, Aries. Leaning on others or asking for help isn’t a weakness – it’s a sign of integrated strength. Accepting the limitations of where you’re at is an essential step towards making sure that your limitations don’t limit you. Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from growing, my love.


In order to grow into the person you want to be, you need to be willing to let go of your attachments to who you’ve been. Now that Uranus, the planet of electricity, is in your sign, you’re changing in surprising and unexpected ways. Growth can be scary, but the Devil you know is not necessarily the kinder Devil, Taurus.  Embrace the instability in your life as an opportunity to relate to your life in new and improved ways.



Your fears are likely to be dogging you this month, and as hard that may be, it’s actually really good. How you respond to and engage with your worries is what ultimately defines you in life; it’s not your circumstances, but your response that you need to manage. It’s time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and work to become the person you want to be. No more hiding behind indecision or uncertainty will do, Twin Star.



All successful enterprise happens in stages, and no part of your cycle is more important than another. Now is the time for you to concern yourself with your foundations. Make sure that your infrastructure is strong enough to take some earthquakes and floods, because you’re in a fertile, yet unpredictable place. Watch your assumptions and your projections this month. Your projects and relationships need you to start at the roots and (re)build from there.


If you’re not careful, you may find yourself wrapped up in resentments and distractions. What other people do or don’t have, their opinions and pettiness – that all has nothing to do with you. Let go, Leo. Get honest about what relationships and situations are no longer working for you. Strive to dedicate your precious time and energy to the people and situations that are most generative for you. This month’s mantra for you: not my monkies, not my circus.


Jesus step aside, its time for you to take the wheel, Virgo! This month it’s important that you take hold of your life and make sure that your actions are moving you in the direction that you want to grow in. look at your goals and desires critically; do you still want the things that you’re gunning for? Even if it’s a pain in the buns, this is the time to realign your intentions with who you’ve become.


Your sign is signified by the scales, but that doesn’t mean that balance comes easy to you – only that you deeply crave it. If you’ve taken on too much of other people’s problems, you won’t have the energy to advance your own life. If you aren’t available to support the people you care about, you’ll end up making them feel like your therapist instead of a friend. It’s time to look at the parts of your relationships that need a more tempered approach, Libra.


You’re always on the hook for what you choose to do. When you give more than you can do in a healthy way, it’s sets you up for resentments and other emotional drama. It’s time to love yourself enough to honor your emotional limitations, Scorpio. If you need to hide in your hidey-hole just make sure that you communicate what’s up. You are entitled to take space for self-care, and the only way to have true closeness with others is by showing up honestly.


Let’s be honest: people are confusing and unpredictable.  The last thing you need right now is to get so caught up in the unknowable mysteries of what makes others do what they do that you miss out on what’s happening in the here and now. Rise to the occasion, Sagittarius. Fortify your relationship to yourself before you go trying to figure other people out. Your wellness, integrity, and sense of self shouldn’t live in anyone’s hands but your own, my love.


You’ve worked so hard to cultivate self-care tools, but it’s not enough to have the tools – you have to use them, Cappy mon Capitan. This month your control issues are likely to be triggered, so it will be important that you do your best to stay present emotionally as you determine the best course forward. How you do what you do is of the greatest importance while things develop at this time. Don’t get so fixated on the ”answer” that you self-sabotage.


When you’re frustrated it’s easy to act out in utter frustration, but it’s a sure-fire way to not get your needs met. Sometimes what you want to say and what you want to have others hear is not the same thing. Don’t act in ways that satisfy your feelings but not your goals, Aquarius. The fastest way out is in, my love. Tend to your feels so that they don’t trip you up and slow your progress down.


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