Tips to Survive the Holidays...

November 29, 2016

Happy Tuesday! I still can't get over that Thanksgiving is in two days! I mean, where does the time go y'all? Since the holiday season is about to be in full swing, thought I would share with you some of my tips and tricks to get you through the next couple of weeks that will keep you feeling and looking like the gorgeous, nourished Sun Lovin' Roots beauty you are!  

Let's face it, as much fun as the holiday season can be, it can also be freaking stressful. From rushing around to all the parties, all the baked goods and yummy food, to entertaining family and friends, to shopping for everyone on your list, the holidays can make us all feel a bit crazy! And I do believe that we all have the best intentions when this time of year rolls around, let's face it, the holiday season isn't anything new to us. We all have our goals and plans of action, so to say, but once we hit our first holiday gathering and see all the delicious eats, drinks and holiday cheer, all those "plans" are sadly out the door faster than Santa making his way down the chimney. And with all the extra do-to's on our list, making time to hit your sweat sesh is that much harder. Then by the time New Year's rolls around we are sitting there, squeezed into our spanx crying into our empty bottles of bubbly, 5-10 pounds heavier and swearing that our number one resolution is to lose the holiday weight, plus more. Ring any bells beauties? So let's change things up this year and make this season your healthiest of all, here a few tips that will have you rockin' the holidays like the gorgeous beauty you are!

1. Everything in Moderation: Don't deprive yourself of your fave holiday treats. If you do, you're likely to binge or just be plain crabby. Have a mug of hot chocolate or have a slice of pie or cookie. And enjoy it! Just remember practice portion control. Eat what you want but don't overdo it 

2. Bring a Healthy Dish and Pack Snacks: If you're going to a holiday party for dinner, offer to bring a healthy dish to share ( hummus plate with veggies, holiday salad or healthy cookies). Doing so, you will know for sure that there will be something healthy to eat. If nothing else, have some healthy snacks like carrot sticks, a nutrition bar or trail mix with you. 

3. Don't Let One Bad Day of Eating Get You Down: Say you went overboard at a party and had way too many sugary treats or (in my case) one too many glasses of wine, don't throw in the healthy eating towel. Put that incident behind you and pick a healthier option at your next meal. My go-to when this happens, a green smoothie or green juice. Helps to really reset my body and gets those healthy vibes flowing again. 

4. Just Say No! Just because food is being offered to you doesn't mean you have to eat it. It's ok to turn down food, there is no rule out there saying you have to eat this or that. Just be polite and go on your merry way!

5. Drink your H20: Sounds so easy to remember but often times, especially in the winter months, we tend to slack on drinking enough water. So get in the habit ( this is a good one for all year long) to carry a water bottle with you so you get your 80 ounces a day. Also, incorporating coconut water into your daily routine will help curve those sugar cravings. And if you drink water between your adult beverages, you will keep yourself hydrated and you'' probably drink less booze. **Opt for red wine or vodka with water/soda with lemon for a nice cocktail that is low in calories. Skip the drinks that are heavy with sugar and other empty calories **

6. Navigate Any Holiday Party Like a Boss! First thing first, do not arrive hungry! Again, do not arrive hungry! Filling up on veggies and whole grains before you arrive will help you not go cray-cray and binge eat everything in site. Especially after a few drinks... so fuel up before you go, and then head straight to the dessert and wine area. 

7. Eat Normally. Even if you have a big holiday meal planned in the evening, it's helpful to eat breakfast and lunch as you normally would on any given day. Your meals can be a bit smaller than your norm, but this way you won't be starving by the time you're ready to eat the big meal and tempted to eat everything in sight. 

8. Get Active! Food doesn't always make the party beauty. Instead of having your festive gatherings around food, change things up. Instead of a cookie exchange, try a barre class. It's always fun to sweat it out with friends and this is an easy way to make sure you hit your sweat sesh. Afterwards grab juice/smoothie, coffee or tea.  

9. Don't Let the Holiday Stress Get To You: First up, remember to BREATH! Try slowing down and taking 5 minutes to meditate. Just say NO, don't over commit yourself. You don't have to say yes to every invite you receive. Pick and choose and only go to the ones you want to be at, otherwise you will dread it and by the time you get there you won't be very social. 

10. Eat Your Greens and Roots: Do as nature intended in the winter by slowing down, getting plenty of rest and fueling your body with nourishing foods such as root vegetables and whole grains. 

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