Strawberry Cinna Ice Cream

August 21, 2016


Hi babes, if you are looking to fuel your body with some hella yummy goodness this summer that will leave you feeling bikini body ready vs. feeling blah and bloated then you need to get on the Nice Cream train. I think I have nice cream at least five times a week and sometimes, I have it for breakfast. If you haven't tried this lil gem you need to try it out- like now! 

Most of the time I am just throwing ingredients together on the whim and sometimes they are amazing while other times it's a bit of a miss ( which it happens) but this strawberry/cinna combo is the bomb! 



What You Need: 

4 frozen bananas
1/2 cup of almond milk
8-10 strawberries
Cinnamon to taste
Organic maple syrup

1. Blend bananas and almond milk together with a dash or two of cinnamon. ( pour into a bowl- set aside)
2. Blend 5 strawberries, a splash of almond milk, dash of cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup. 
3. Pour strawberry blend on top of ice cream and top with more cinnamon, and sliced strawberries. 
4. Serve and completely devour! 

BE balanced. LIVE spontaneously. DO you.



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