Plant Friendly Almond Joys

July 20, 2017

Plant Friendly Almond Joys

Hi my sun lovin’ loves… 

So it's been awhile since my last post... things have been crazy in my world. Relocating from Dallas to Austin, the move kinda shook some things up for me. All good stuff but with any kind of move, small or large, moving sucks and it takes a bit to get back up and running. But before I decided to relocate to Austin, I knew I needed to change my scenery. I love what I do but my soul was dying in my current situation. I just felt like I was in the biggest rut of my life and knew that I needed to make a change. And so here I am, living in Austin and I absolutely love it. Nice change of pace and it has been so fun getting aquatinted with my new city and also spreading those Sun Lovin' Roots vibes just a little bit further. 


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I have been really on the fence about sharing my struggles and what I have been going through the past couple of months but keeping true to my brand, I decided I would really dive deep into it all and share it with you beauties. Being depressed and in a funk is real sh*t, it can happen to anyone, whether you are in love with your life or not. But when it happens and you have a business to run, things can get a little messy. But messy is good and I will take my mess any day, because it shows that I am alive, still learning and at the end of the day, being rooted in one place isn't always the best. I will get deeper into everything on another post, but for now I am so thankful to have you guys in my life. I am so thankful for every purchase, for every comment/like you leave on social media, for every email you send, know they mean the world to me. At the end of the day, I get to do what I love because of YOU. And there's lots of fun things coming to the SLR world that I can't wait to share but for now I have to share these amazing little treats with y'all.... 

I don’t really crave sweets these days, if I do, it comes in the form of fruits and/or nice cream.. but as a child, it was a totally different story and my absolute favorite treat was running down to the gas station and grabbing either a Reeses or Almond Joy candy bar ( sometimes maybe both)! I mean, both of these are just freaking amazing, but let’s be honest, they aren’t very good for you. And knowing what I know about what goes into these kind of foods now, and that they are most definintely not vegan friendly, finding ways to make these just a little bit healthier and cruelty free is always a WIN-WIN.


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Now I can’t take credit for this recipe or even for making these gems, I am kinda like that kid on that shake and bake commercial ( from a very long time ago) saying “ I helped” and by helped I mean I basically watched these beauties being made and snapped some IG stories about them. Haha… At least I was in the room, right?


Plant Friendly Almond Joys from the beautiful Beaming Baker

These are not only vegan friendly, they are also gluten free and dairy free and only 5 ingredients! Pop over HERE to get all the yummy recipe deets… and try not to eat them all in one sitting… She also has a pretty easy recipe for PB Cups! Seriously I’ve died and gone to heaven.. now just need to find someone to make these for me. Any takers?!

Sun Love and Healthy Good Vibes,


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