Healthy In Real Life

September 28, 2016

Ok so we all see the magazine ads, the commercials or even the celeb endorsed instagram pics of living a healthy lifestyle. But at the end of the day, none of us have 5 hours to spend in the gym, another 2 hours to prepare and cook a healthy meal and still make it to work, school, take care of our families etc. Being healthy in real looks different on every singe one of us. And I promise you it doesn’t look like those ads or celebrity instagram pics.

This past weekend I was doing a trunk show at a local Pure Barre and overheard a couple of ladies comment over my ‘Planks, Pizza and Pinot’ Tank and the convo basically went like this:

Women 1: Can I just wear this to brunch and just say I did planks?

Women 2: Of course, isn’t that what most of us do anyways?

So let’s just be completely honest here… we all have done this before. We have all thrown on our workout clothes and then did something that wasn’t working out, right? It happens and guess what… it’s ok!

So healthy in real life is a thing that I want to stick within my brand message. I created this brand to share my love for health/wellness/ fashion and to bring a sense of fun and practicality back into working out and living a healthy life. For so many years, fun and practical were not a part of my vocabulary when it came to eating and working out. I was obsessive and if I ate a candy bar or didn’t have time to hit the gym, I literally beat myself up about it. It was a miserable way to live. I kept a food journal and knew the exact calorie count for what I was putting in my body, and food judged everyone around me when they were eating a burger or pizza, I was miserable. I looked at working out and food as the enemy. It was an awful way to live and it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I started to change my mindset about things – basically had to reset my outlook on everything – I knew I couldn’t live the way I was living any longer. I basically said screw it to the logging hours upon hours at the gym. Dove head first into learning to fuel my body with foods that were going to leave me feeling satisfied as well as, full of energy vs. the latter. And learned new ways to move my body that was more than just moving it- it was the mind/body connection. 

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My workouts went from vigorous to gentle. If all I did for the day was drink a glass of wine and danced around my living room, that was a good enough sweat session for me. If I woke up and had pizza for breakfast, my world wasn’t going to end. So being healthy to me is all about balance and being compassionate to myself at all times. There are times that I just don’t feel like working out, I want to eat the pizza, tacos and drink the margaritas and guess what- I do it and don’t think twice. But of course, my green smoothie/juice is always a staple no matter what I do or don't do in my day!

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I think that being healthy in real life is a conversation we all need to have with each other. I believe that we all secretly are feeling the same thing but don’t really want to say it out loud. Do we all have 20 minutes in the morning to meditate (probably not) so don’t beat yourself up. If your meditation is you sitting in your car for 5 minutes prior to walking into work- more power to you. Nobody said you have to sit on the floor, legs crossed to meditate. If all you do is sit in a yoga pose while you eat pancakes…. then go for it. Drinking a glass of wine and dancing around your house is the way you like to sweat it out, do it.  You don’t have to spend hours at the gym doing something you don’t like in order to move your body- it’s not a rule babes!

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Here are a few ways I like to ditch the typical workouts and have a little fun:

  1. Dancing around your house. Make a playlist and throw yourself a little dance party. Best part, pants are optional here. Dance around in your underwear. Pour yourself a glass of wine and just dance! 30 minutes and you will feel like a brand new person.
  2. Get out and breathe in the fresh air. Call up your bestie and hit the pavement. Nothing is better than catching up with a friend while doing a little activity. Side Note: There are ladies in my neighborhood that go on walks with wine in hand. It sounds like a WIN WIN in my book.
  3. A personal fave of mine, while your fur babe is doing their business, lunge it out. Every time I take little Gypsy bear out, I do lunges while waiting on her.
  4. Paint, read, take a little me time. Now yes, this isn’t going to get your heart rate up but activity for your mind is just as important as activity for your body. Take some time to zen out. Your mind and body will thank you for it and creativity is always good for the soul.

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Balance is key with anything you do. Learn compassion for yourself and listen to your body. Figure out what works for you and ditch the things that don’t. And know that it’s completely ok if you get dressed like you are going to go get your sweat on and end up at a wine or coffee place with friends instead.

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What are some fun ways you like to get your healthy on in real life? Comment below would love to hear!


Be Balanced. Live Spontaneously. Do You!

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