Easy Avocado Sushi Rolls

August 21, 2016


Have you ever tried to roll sushi yourself and it was a total fail? Trust me I have been there and ended up just eating everything in one large bowl - sushi scramble anyone? My sushi making skills are very limited, I do rolls at home but I don't cut them and they kinda remind me of a sandwich wrap but with nori instead of a tortilla.  And when I don't have nori or just want something simple and quick, I make something I like to call Sushi Cups. Super easy and you don't need mad sushi chef skills.


What you need
brown rice ( short grain - 1/2 cup uncooked)
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 
2 cups diced avocado 
sliced peach ( optional)
organic soy sauce
sesame seeds (optional)

Cook rice as directed on package. When rice is done, add the 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Set aside and let cool. * Don't have a lot of time, try Trader Joes organic frozen brown rice. It is perfect for the nights you don't have time to cook rice from scratch. 
Grab a 1 cup dry measuring cup. Sprinkle a few sesame seeds, then layer in 1/2 cup of diced avocado with 1/2 cup rice. Push the rice down tight so that it packed firmly in, carefully turn cup upside down on your plate- tapping the bottom of cup if necessary. Place very thinly sliced peaches on top for an added bonus, with soy sauce drizzled on top. 

If you want a little spice- take your diced avocado and place in bowl with the following: 

2 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tbsp yellow mustard
2 tbsp soy sauce ( adding more until you get a creamy like consistency)
1-3 tbsp of sriracha ( the more you use the spicier it will be)


BE balanced. LIVE spontaneously. DO you



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