Being Balanced: What Does It Mean To You?

June 08, 2016

Balance- this is a huge word in my life. I lived without balanced for so long that honestly, I didn't think I would ever know peace from within, when it came to my life.

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Especially during the 10 or so years I suffered with disordered eating- I was all over the place, and it affective every single aspect of my life. I would go days being normal ( normal meaning I would eat and not get rid of it and would workout and do things normally) then I would wake up and bam- I wouldn't eat or would eat- get rid of it-  cause I thought my stomach or thighs looked big. I would literally workout for hours upon hours and then go out and have an insane amount of cocktails and then hit the local Taco Bueno drive thru and binge eat. Then guess what, wake up and do it all over again until one day I would wake up and have a few "normal" days. This was my chaotic state of living- it was pure hell. I thought I was always going to be like this ( minus the insane amounts of drinks), my food demons had the best of me and I was so unhappy and honestly it had nothing to do with my weight or trying to lose the weight - I was in the worst shape of my life ( mentally, physically, spiritually).

So fast forward to where I am at now, balance is everything to me. I have learned, with a lot of hard work, self love and finding what works for me, I have found balance. I know that with my plant based diet, I can eat and not feel guilt. I am nourishing my body with good foods that leave me thriving and flourishing. I also know that if I indulge in ice cream, donuts etc. ( yes even though it's vegan, doesn't necessarily mean it's good for you) I will be ok. I know that I can have a few drinks and it won't wreck havoc on my body and that being happy and healthy do go hand in hand. If I miss a workout or three, I will survive and it's not the end all be all. My disordered eating will always be a part of me. It is sadly something that never truly goes away- it is a part of me and I embrace it just like I embrace the good things in my life- but haven learned how to deal with it and how not to fall trap to it ever again, which it all comes back to BALANCE.


Balance will look different on everyone- one size does not fit all. 


So what does balance mean to you?


Comment below and tell me! 


Sun, Love and Cheers, 

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