Coconut Water: If you aren't drinking it... you should be!

June 02, 2016

I am obsessed with coconut water! Really, I am obsessed with anything that has coconut in it. It just makes me so happy, like for reals! It’’s so refreshing and just oozes out all those tropical vibes I love so much. If I can’t be near a beach, I will bring the beach to me- kinda the way I think here.


The benefits of coconut water are amazing too (like you would expect anything less, right?). From helping with weight loss to glowin’ skin, if you aren’t incorporating this gem into your life, you need to stop what you are doing and read why you need to get your drink on… like yesterday!


Get Your Glow On


Who doesn’t want their skin to naturally glow? I eat pretty clean as is, but I can tell when I haven’t drank my coco water vs. when I do. When I don’t (which is mainly due if I am traveling and just don’t have access to it) my skin is dull and a little on the dry side. But on the flip side, when I have it on a daily basis, my skin just has a certain glow/brightness to it that the coco water brings out. Besides giving you the glow, it is also really good at getting rid of those pesky little blemishes. Drinking it will help, but you can also put it directly on the skin to help clear and tone the skin. Who knew, right? 


Helps Keep Everything Flowin’


If you are having difficulty in keeping things moving, coconut water can help aid in the digestion process. Since its high concentration of fiber, it’s the perfect, easy remedy to keep things flowin’ like they should be.



Hangover Cure


Who doesn’t like to have a cocktail or two? But when those one or two cocktails turn to an all nighter, you will probably wake up wishing you hadn’t had that last drink or maybe even shot. Am I right? So when you wake up hung-over AF, reach for your coco water. Coco water is full of essential electorlytes that will help ease your stomach and replenish key nutrients that you lost the night before. It is also really good when you have a stomach bug. 


Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate


Like I mentioned above, coconut water is full of electrolytes that are already in our bodies. Such as, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and calcium. So fueling up after your sweat sesh with coco water vs. other sport/energy drink will leave you feeling replenished and full of energy that will last longer than if you fueled up on those “other” drinks.



My favorite ways to incorporate coco water into my daily routine (besides just drinking straight from the coconut itself) is to use it as a base in your favorite smoothie recipe instead of using your nut milk. This gives your smoothies a tropical, lighter feel to them- and if you normally use plain old water for your base, change it up and try it with coconut water- you will love what it does to your smoothie. The brand that I typically reach for most is ZICO ( which you can find just about anywhere). I also like to buy the young coconuts and slice the top off and drink’em like this and then scoop out the coconut meat to put in my smoothie later on that day. I will say, if you have a choice between buying the real coconut or the bottled, I would hands down tell you to buy the coconut and drink the water straight from there. You get the water, plus the meat ( and if you are feeling up for a yummy treat- mix the water with the meat, for the best coconut milk ever! Don’t stray away from it just because you think it will be too hard to get the water out of the coconut. It’s actually pretty simple- just slice the top of the coconut off until you can’t cut it anymore, then use the base of the knife to crack it open. Trust me, it’s super simple.


How do you like to use your coco water? Tell me by commenting below beauties.


Sun Love and Cheers,



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