10 Things You May Not Know About Sun Lovin' Roots

November 08, 2016

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Hi Beauties...

The past few weekends I have been doing trunk shows around the Dallas area ( the above pic is from a show I did in Saint Jo, TX, probably one of my fave setups + showing a few pieces of the Holiday '16 collection).  Meeting new people is always great and what's even better is expanding brand awareness and introducing Sun Lovin' Roots  to new people. Sharing how the brand came to life and that the brand is a one-woman-show and not a big corporation always gets peoples attention. When you shop with SLR you are shopping small and also spreading the peace, love and those good vibes....which is a good thing! But when sharing the story and telling people what SLR is all about, it always gets me thinking if my online tribe knows all the goods, so thought I would share 10 things you might not know about the brand....

  1. It’s a one-woman-show! From design work, to style of the tees, to sending out orders, techy stuff, social media, customer service and beyond… the brand is run by girl boss/founder Stacie.Ladies yoga tanks
  2. All items are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. This is huge for me. I have been plant based for nearly 8 years, so knowing that all clothing comes from a compassionate place makes my heart so happy!
  3. Made in a sweatshop free environment. Again, knowing that all items are made in an ethical way, has the good vibes flowing before it ever makes it to you beauty!
  4. Clothing is NOT mass -produced. I always receive emails regarding restocks of a few designs and even though I would love to restock everything that I do, I just can't. I LOVE the fact that my clothes are not mass produced, and I am really trying to keep my foot print small and do things the right way. So with that said, I only do a certain amount of each size/design.. so if you see something you like and want it, scoop it up because there's no guarantee that it will come back in stock. The plus side to this, there is only X number of each design, so tees are very unique and only a limited amount of people will have your particular tee. Which I think is pretty rad because I like to have clothing that is unique and limited.ladies yoga clothing
  5. Tees are USA made. I love that majority of all the tees are made right here in the beautiful USA. 
  6. Printed on with love in Dallas ,TX.tees Keeping small businesses thriving is where it's at and I am so happy to say that all are printed in Dallas, where SLR is based out of. 
  7. All tees come with a plantbased recipe attached on the hangtag. Helping spread the good vibes of going plantbased, compassion and delicious eats. Bringing my two passions of fashion and health/wellness into a brand has been awesome. I love to share easy plantbased recipes and to educate on this lifestyle. Being a certified health coach, I am working on a few things that I hope to share with you in the next month and that will be a staple in the SLR world.ladies yoga tees
  8. The brand was born in May ‘15. Even though I have been thinking and dreaming of doing this for years... I finally made the leap of faith and went for it. It's been an amazing adventure, through the blood, sweat and tears, I have learned so much about myself. And I'm still learning and know that there will be a lot more tears shed, because this isn't easy.. but it's totally worth it!
  9. Philanthropy. % of sales are donated to philanthropy causes that are close to the heart of the brand. This will be rolled out more formally in 2017 but yes, I am so happy to be able to donate to causes that are close to my heart
  10. Last but not least... Mission of the brand is to spread peace, love and healthy vibes. I talk a lot about balance and Sun Lovin' Beauties know how important it is to have. To not be so hard on yourself. To love yourself how you are in this very moment and to show compassion to not only everyone and thing around you but to yourself. Finding peace from within and just simply lovin' life.


Be Balanced. Live Spontaneously. Do YOU!




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