Legging of the Month Tribe!

Leggings Are Pants and a girl can NEVER have too many pairs of leggings... we don't care what anyone says!

And what's  better than cute, cozy leggings you ask? Having them show up in your mailbox, monthly, and saving yourself a few dollars, duh! 

Oh and one more thing... you'll never see yourself coming or going! Meaning, majority of these leggings that are part fo the monthly tribe, will never make it on the the .com for sale! 

What is the Legging of the Month Tribe you ask?

At the start of every month you will get a pair of leggings, before they even launch on the site, at a $59 rate ( shipping included)! Oh and you will receive 10% off all other purchases while you are in the tribe! 

What is the length of commitment? 

When you first sign up, there is a three month commitment period, but after that you are able to skip a month or cancel... but we don't know why you would want to do that!

Save 5% if you pre- pay for the first three months!

Yes, on top of getting these gems at a lower price, if you pre-pay for the first three month commitment, you will automatically save 5%! No code needed :) 

You are in charge of your subscription! 

Say whaaat? Yes, you are in control here. After you get through the first three month commitment, you can skip a month, place your subscription on hold... whatever you like. 

Full length or capris?

All leggings will be full length unless you click the capri button option. Again you are in control here, if one month you want full length leggings and then next capris, that is totally doable beauty! 


Makes the perfect gift!

Friends don't let friends wear bad leggings. Give the Leggings of the Month Tribe to your bestie or two.  After the initial three month commitment, your friend is in control and can choose to continue with the subscription. If not, the subscription will be cancelled automatically. But again, we don't know why anyone would want to do that :) 

If you are a legging girl, come join our legging tribe! You'll have happy legs and happy mail coming at you every month :)