Get To Know Me :)

Whether your dream is to launch a new business build a thriving side hustle into a full-time gig or simply live in leggings ( can be be legging besties?) and what to step into the best version of YOU...

I am so excited to guide you on your journey. 

First and foremost, I know you have many options when shopping, I appreciate the love and I am so thankful for YOU!

A little about how SLR got its roots … 

I started Sun Lovin' Roots in May 2015. I had no clue what I was doing - all I knew is I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that was full of nourishing good vibes and TBH, I  was tired of buying workout clothes ( tees and such) and the minute you washed them, they didn't fit the same. Oh and the constant battle with my expensive leggings not staying in place during barre class - can you feel me?! :) 


…fast forward nine months later, I decided to make the jump and leave my corporate job behind to be a full time SLR preneur! Starting something from scratch and growing it into a 7 figure brand has been such a wild ride. The past 7ish years has been filled with some of the highest highs and some of the lowest lows.


Let me point out,  I celebrated 5 years in May of 2020…  which we know we had to learn a new way of living - PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT  ( can you hear Ross Geller’s voice?) 


My pivot led me to a business restructure and during a time I was unsure how SLR was going to move forward, I was featured in Oprah for something I never set out to make… face masks. To this day I still shake my head in disbelief - but the key takeaway is that you have to keep going. Whatever the obstacle, just keep showing up and doing what you love and things will fall into place like they are supposed to…

Which has led to my next chapter, SLR 2.0. Over the years I have had questions from customers/studio owners and fellow IG friends ask me biz related questions on how to either start or grow their current brand… 

After guiding a few other product-prenuers to launch and grow their business, I decided I wanted to lead more women out there to do exactly what I have done, because if I can do it, you most certainly can as well. 

I know first hand how hard and expensive starting a product based biz can be ( especially if you have limited resources). And even though you’re  DIY’ing your biz doesn't mean you have to do it all by yo’selfie. 

Community, in my opinion, is a non-negotiable being an entrepreneur, but especially when you’re first starting out. As well as, having access to the tools and experts that will help you grow a thriving brand vs spending your time googling the answers. Your time is your most valuable asset and if you’re wanting to scale your biz to create your dream life - getting help from someone that has done exactly what you want to do is the secret sauce…

Thus The Nourished Product-Prenuer Community was born!  If you are new to the entrepreneurial world or maybe have been in the game for a bit but just haven’t found your stride the NPP is for you! Maybe your biz is popping but you are lacking community, the NPP is for you and let’s face it, we should always be learning and growing ( in biz and life) and that is what we are doing inside the NPP.  Click here to learn more and the most amazing thing about this is that it is affordable to everyone… like a $1 a day affordable :) 

Again, thank you for being part of the SLR world. Please feel free to reach out anytime  send me an email or come find me on social and say HI :) @sunlovinroots. 


Sun, Love and Good Vibes,